Buy Ephedrine & Ephedra Diet Pills Online

Where to buy Ephedra in 2013:

Ephedra diet pills are still available on the market in 2013. Basically the FDA’s 2005 ban does not cover all forms of ephedra, so there are some awesome ephedra diet pills still kicking around.

Thermoburn Xtreme with 24mg Ephedra is my personal favorite. I find that Thermoburn gives me a stronger kick than an EC stack, and two capsules per day keeps me super productive and energized (not to mention keeps me lean, but I do have a great diet). If you’re interested in thermoburn, I have direct linked to the product-in-store on the right.

6thermoburnPure Ephedrine

As for ephedrine hcl – if you’re a Canadian, you won’t have any problems finding this product, however if you live outside of Canada, Good luck.

I highly recommend Synephrine HCL stacked with Dendrobium Extract as a replacement. It’s a very effective alternative – Dendrobium Extract and Synephrine available here.


Basic Info About Ephedrine HCL :

Ephedrine HCL is a very effective nasal decongestant by relieving inflammation and causing the nasal pathways to liberate (expand). The expanded nasal pathways thus improve airflow. It helps reduce swelling and inflammation which results in improved breathing. Current Health regulations state that itL can only be sold in 8mg dose tablets. The suggested usage is a nasal decongestant however many people use ephedrine and caffeine to burn fat (EC stack). Before using ephedrine and ephedra it is a good idea to contact a medical professional, this goes without saying for any medicine, supplement, health product, or drug. Never consume more than the recommended dosage and be sure to read the label in detail before using.If you have any questions about anything found on our website or questions on ordering please contact us.

Where to Buy Ephedrine:

There are many different online stores selling ephedrine, it is very important to pick out the good from the bad.

Tips on Buying Ephedrine:

2) Avoid Vasopro, and Efedrin Arsan. Only purchase ephedrine products that come from the brand names Kaizen or Synergenex.

3) Buy Ephedrine HCL, this stuff is legit and made in GMP facilities.

4) Buy from a reputable source so you save yourself a headache (See the sidebar for a source).


How To Use Ephedrine:

For relief of nasal congestion take one pill usually every 4 hours as needed; or as directed by your doctor.  Do not combine ephedrine hcl with ephedrine/ephedra/ma huang from dietary supplement products, since they are the same product. Many people still use ephedrine and caffeine for fat loss because it is a very effective fat loss stack. They refer to this as the EC or ECA stack. The common dosage used is 24 mg of ephedrine (3 tablets) and 200mg of caffine (1 tablet), three times daily. Most users run the EC stack for 6 weeks before taking at least a 2 week break. There are other products that work well to burn fat and increase muscle like testosterone boosters.



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